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Childhood Developmental Specialists

The family is at the heart of the child’s social-emotional development which is the foundation for all development.

My Therapy House® is the home of an innovative, creative, passionate and committed multi-disciplinary developmental and medical team. We have specialist skills and knowledge to optimise the social-emotional development and wellbeing of children with special needs and their families.

The My Therapy House® Developmental Team and Visiting Specialist Medical Consultants work from the basis of a Developmental Relationship-based Intervention model. The core of all our assessments and intervention focus on the child’s and family’s social-emotional development, understanding, relationships and wellbeing.

We believe that:

  • Children and families learn best about themselves and each other (including how to communicate, interact, connect and relate with each other) through relationships.
  • Children develop best through everyday experiences, interactions and play with familiar people in naturalistic contexts.
  • Families and healthy relationships are crucial for their child’s development.
  • Families with the necessary supports and resources can enhance their child’s development as individuals and as a family unit.
  • The primary role of the My Therapy House® Developmental Team and Visiting Medical Consultants is to support the child and family to maximise their potential and development in a safe, nurturing and understanding environment, considering their individual needs and differences.
  • Social-emotional development is the core of all development including sensory-motor processing, communication, comprehension, planning, sequencing, and visual-spatial understanding.
  • Interventions need to be dynamic and customised to meet the individual needs and profiles of each child and family.
  • Evidence-based practices and best practice guidelines as outlined in NDIS Early Childhood Intervention Guidelines form the core of the My Therapy House® Assessment and Intervention approach.