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NDIS Funding

My Therapy House® is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider and can help families navigate through the NDIS system.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can sometimes seem like a daunting and overwhelming system for families to navigate through. Families are often faced with many decisions before, or after their NDIS planning meetings including what supports to ask for, which provider is best for them and what types of support best meets their child’s and family‘s needs and who understands their child’s development best. At my My Therapy House® we have been working with families and children accessing the NDIS from the beginning. We have years of experience and work closely with different Support Coordinators, the NDIS and Dignity For Disability to help families secure NDIS funding that best meets their child’s needs.

Have you had your NDIS planning meeting?

If you’ve already had your NDIS planning meeting contact us online or call us directly to arrange an appointment to talk through your child’s and family’s needs and the way we can support your child’s development. Our experienced developmental team members can work with you to come up with a specific developmental steps to meet your child’s overarching goals. In addition, we have supported families to appeal their NDIS plans to secure more funds to aid their child’s development. Talk to us about regular appointment times that suit you best.

Are you waiting for your NDIS planning meeting?

If you are still waiting for your child’s planning meeting, then we can arrange a time to talk to you to help you with the NDIS application process, prepare for your child’s planning meeting, understand your child’s development and work up some goals for your child. We can also refer you to support coordinators to help you with this process, as our experience has been, the more families are informed and prepared, the better their NDIS outcome is.

Who can My Therapy House® help?

  • Families who don’t know if they are eligible for the NDIS and their child does not have a diagnosis
  • Families who have a child with a diagnosis and who are not sure where to start
  • Parents who have been told their child needs therapy but they are not sure what they need and why
  • Children with special needs including autism, developmental delays, sensory, behaviour, social emotional and communication challenges

Who is My Therapy House® ?

My Therapy House® is a registered NDIS provider who has supported and helped many parents navigate their way through the NDIS and funding regulations to support their child’s development.

We offer:

  • Family support
  • A Multi-Disciplinary and Medical Team based approach in the same location
  • Regular appointment times
  • Minimum waiting times
  • Substantial NDIS experience