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Our Core Values

What we believe

My Therapy House® believes that clients with special needs, autism and related disorders have great potential for interacting, communicating, creating, thinking and learning.

  • A client’s and family’s ability to regulate and be together is the key foundation to their relationships, communication, development and learning.
  • A program rich in experience, with developmentally appropriate concepts and meaningful information, provide the foundations for regulation and increased learning.
  • People relate, communicate and learn best when they are well regulated, able to share attention and are emotionally invested in their life and learning.
  • Clients’ processing and understanding of information being presented to them, is critical for their regulation and learning, therefore programs are designed to suit their individual differences and needs.
  • Clients’ relationships and attachment with their caregivers, family members, teachers, therapists and peers are the primary vehicle for development and learning, therefore families play a significant role in the client's therapeutic programs.
  • Clients’ environments often need to be "engineered" to provide them with experiences and important opportunities to learn what is relevant to their intentions, ideas, interests and understanding of language and relationships in that given moment.
  • A comprehensive team of dedicated professionals, supported with initial and ongoing training, is essential for a successful therapeutic program for all clients and families.
  • Family involvement is a central component of our program, where parents and caregivers are respected as active partners in their child’s therapy to help support parent-child relationships and interactions.