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What is a Developmental Relationship-Based Approach to Intervention ?

“We now understand that the lines of early development are interrelated. Rather than assessing language skills, motor skills, and social-emotional skills separately, we should look at how well these abilities are integrated, how they work together as a whole.”

Greenspan, Stanley I, and Serena Wieder. Engaging Autism. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2006. Print.

My Therapy House(R) is an ICDL and Profectum verified DIRFloortime(TM) provider.

What is DIRFloortime(TM)?

Building healthy relationships and social interactions is the cornerstone of My Therapy House® programs. Each client and family have individualised therapeutic programs that integrates their own natural interests, developmental level, and therapeutic goals. Developmental experiences support sensory-motor, auditory and visual spatial skill development in addition to social-emotional, comprehension and communication development and learning.

The Developmental Relationship-Based Approach, DIR Floortime® was developed over 20 years ago by Doctor Stanley Greenspan, M.D. and Doctor Serena Wieder, PhD and is best understood as this:

Developmental refers to a sequence of social-emotional developmental milestones that a person moves through as they develop the ability to remain calm, attentive, focused and engaged for relating, communicating, problem solving, thinking and learning.

Individual differences describe how each person understands, takes in, processes and relays information in their environment, through their body, actions, thought processes and interactions as they move through their day and life.

Relationship with self, family members, loved ones, peers and adults is the foundation for creating self-esteem, confidence, purpose, interaction, development and lifelong learning.

At My Therapy House®:

  • Our Speech Pathologist: helps you to understand and support your child’s communication profile and how this impacts on your child's emotional wellbeing, comprehension, relationships, intentions, interactions, ideas and participation in social and academic experiences.
  • Our Occupational Therapist: supports your child’s sensory-motor and processing profile and how these impact on the ability to interact, learn, play, develop and make friends.
  • Our Early Childhood Educator: assists understanding your child’s learning styles, individual profile and supports your child's learning through movement, music, stories, drama and play in the child's naturalistic and education settings.
  • Our Music Therapist: assists understanding your child’s tempo, rhythms and sound preferences and how this impacts on their daily interactions, play, ability to perform activities of daily living and learn.
  • Our My Therapy House® Team assists you to understand your family patterns, attachment style and behavioural and emotional profile, and how this impacts on your child’s ability to feel safe and secure in their relationships and world.

The child learns to communicate, play and relate through various stages of social-emotional development from being able to share attention with another, to being able to understand their emotions, other’s emotions and to know that although people may think differently, they are still able to relate to each other by means of reciprocated respectful and caring interactions and relationships.

For more detailed information, please go to Profectum or The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning.